Prologue: Pre-U.K. Trip

Since I first mentioned that I was going on this trip, I was asked the same question: why?

I will answer that question with two stories…

Last August one of my mom’s best friends from Peru (who lives in Luxembourg) came to Chicago with her sister and three kids. The eldest of these three children is a year older than me (her name is Anna Sofia – or Fia) and the second is about two years younger than me (Catalina). I’ve been pretty close with these two ladies for as long as I can remember. I’ve gone to Luxembourg a number of times to visit but they’ve never come to Indiana. While hanging out with them in Chicago, I joked that they needed to come. They decided to make a deal: if I go visit them in London (where Fia works for Bank of America and Cata was a senior at Kings College) then they would come to Indiana.

I know some of you think they got the raw end of the deal; however, I beg to differ. I love my state (which is actually a lot like Luxembourg – which they love). Anyway, that was the original idea for the trip.

The second story starts with the visit of my Aunt Monica from Peru. She works for a company that exports oxidized zinc to companies all over the world. This woman is amazing, she’s independent, speaks at least three (if not four) languages, successful and gorgeous. She decided to just take a trip to several countries in Europe to visit clients that had become her friends or to just wander alone. On her way back to Peru, she swung by the states and stayed a few days with me in Bloomington. She and I talked about my idea for London and she inspired me to follow in her steps: take on Ireland and Scotland as well even if I was alone.

So there you have it. That’s why I’m doing this trip. I want to go and I have friends to see.

Just thought I’d share that. There will be radio silence tomorrow as I will be traveling all day tomorrow and will be arriving in Dublin on Sunday.




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