The Emerald Isle: Day 4

So this post was a little late in coming, yesterday was rather hectic even though little things of interest happened. However, I did learn a thing or two:

I went to Hertz to bitch about the tire situation (which they did bill me). It turns out there is no insurance available in Ireland (and according to them all of Europe but don’t quote me on this) that covers tires.

When I had talked to my dad the night before he wanted me use to this argument:

If I had crashed the car and the tires exploded, the insurance would cover the whole thing right?


Apparently, even if the car burst into the flames and the tires went with it, I would STILL have to pay for the tires…and the rims (which I also had to pay for even though it was still a functioning rim)

Lesson learned? Don’t rent a car. Still worth it though!!!!!!

Before I went to the airport, I did one last round in Dublin (until I go back on Sept 10)

Swung by a whiskey shop that my bartender boys recommended to me that had free tastings (and where I learned a little bit more about whiskey), bought some chocolate from Butler’s (kind of like Godiva). Went back to Temple Bar to see if my boys were working in order to say good bye….sadly they weren’t. But I sat around anyway enjoying the atmosphere until it was time to collect my luggage from the hotel and head to the airport.

Before I end my Irish entry, let me add a couple more photos that I neglected to add before. I am trying to add a video of a live band that performed at the Temple Bar when I went a couple of nights ago but it’s not loading 😦 But here are some pictures of the band anyway:

I neglected to also put up another picture from the Cliffs of Moher:

While the Cliffs were in front of me, the O’Brien’s tower was behind me. Below is a more zoomed in photo:

Anyway, that’s all I have of Dublin for now. My next entry will be about the Land of the Scots!



Location:Elephant Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

One thought on “The Emerald Isle: Day 4

  1. so does the rim fit in your luggage? if you pay for it, it’s yours, right?

    do they have hojas de reclamacion in Ireland? you should put in an official complaint!

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