Land of the Scots: Day 0 and Day 1

I say Day 0 because I technically arrived in Scotland last night and did not accomplish much aside from checking in to my B&B (Bed and Breakfast) and finding a nice hostel to munch on some fish and chips and chatted with a cute young man from Romania who was getting his masters here in Edinburgh. His name is Alex.

Day 1 was a tad bit more eventful. Once I finished my yummy breakfast from the B&B, I went straight towards Princes’ Street, a mere twenty minute trek from the B&B:

When I got there, I found the nearest Vodafone to finally get my SIM card. Now people can get a hold of me!!!! (If you want the number: e-mail me)

Then I hopped on my trusty red tour bus and took a quick look around the city:

From where the bus was parked, I could look to my left and see the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Here’s another one.

This is the back of the life size statue of Greyfriars Bobby:

This is Scotland’s famous dog. His master died when the poor animal was a mere two. The dog followed the funeral march all the way to the cemetery where he lay next to the grave sight and stayed there for 14 years (!!!!!!) until he too died of old age. This story definitely struck a chord because it reminded me of my little two-year-old Abner and how much I miss my little munchkin. So I’m going to digress for a mere moment and post a picture of my little man:

AWWWWWWW. Ok, now back to Edinburgh…

Here is a more closeup view of the castle.

As you may be able to read by the sign, the Fringe Festival is going on. If you’re not familiar with the festival, it is a month long celebration of theatre on theatre by theatre wrapped in a theatre blanket. A dear friend of mine, Lucy, is currently in Edinburgh where she has a show that she both wrote and directed about a little cafe in Bloomington (more on that later).

Here is a picture of the street opposite of the previous photo, just you can get a feel of Edinburgh streets.

This is Arthur’s Seat (sorry, it’s not named for King Arthur). As long as I have time, I plan on climbing this so that I can get a full view of Edinburgh. πŸ™‚

This is back at the bus stop. I’m not sure what this is, but I think it looks awesome πŸ™‚

So once I did the quick trip, I decided to head to the Castle. However, the line was craaaaaaaazy long so I decided to buy my ticket online and come back another day and avoid the lines. But here at pictures of my walk up there:

I plan on eating here before I leave. This place sounds awesome!

TADA! Castle! So I obviously did not go in. I turned around to the shops behind me to pick up a souvenir and I ran into this:

So it’s not quite the TARDIS…or is it? CUE THE MUSIC!

aaaaaaand of course I had to stop here. For those not familiar, The Elephant House is also known as the “Birthplace of Harry Potter.” J. K. Rowling got her start here. Back when she was a single mother on welfare, she would spend hours here just writing. It is said that she first started writing the story on a napkin here. It’s a relatively cheap cafe, where you can sit in the back room and drink coffee. That’s what I did. Apparently this place was a huge source of inspiration for the story about the boy who lived. Why is that? Well, check out the picture I took from my table:

That’s right, you get the perfect view of the castle. So I sat here for a couple of hours updating this blog and doing some other writing of my own…trying to capture the magic that J. K. Rowling did. Will it work? We’ll see.

Right before I left, I made a quick pit stop in the bathroom and took and found that the walls were covered with little messages to JK and their love for Harry Potter:

Afterwards, I went to St. Giles Cathedral which was a short walk from the castle:

I went inside and took pretty pretty photographs πŸ˜‰

At this point, I finally received a phone call from my Lucy so I went to where she and Rachel were. Rachel is the sweet lady who owns Rachel’s Cafe in Bloomington. Lucy wrote a play with the same name (as the cafe) and Rachel came from Bloomington to see the play. We went out for food and then we walked around watching free shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Alex had asked me out for drinks. So I met up with him at the hostel and we went out. It was such a fun date. He has such a jovial personality that’s quite infectious. He also has such a wonderful smile πŸ™‚ *sigh*

All in all, it was a great night. I’ll write more about my next day ASAP!!!



Location:Elephant Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland

One thought on “Land of the Scots: Day 0 and Day 1

  1. So jealous! You’re doing all this, meanwhile I’m holed up in my hobbit hole bracing for a hurricane in NYC! WTF?!?! Hurricane in NYC? Seriously?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?! Btw, call my Crumpet when you get a chance and have Lucy tell you where that awesome cafe is where she took me (she use to work there). It’s yummy!!!!!!

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