The British Empire (Well…sort of): Day 2

So my first day wandering London, I swung by Knightsbridge in order to find where I needed to be the next morning for my “King Arthur Tour.”

While I was on my way there, I saw that I was only a stop away for Buckingham Palace. So after a quick breakfast at the Starbucks (yes, Starbucks….I needed the free internet because Fia’s is a little wonky). I got back into the Tube and headed for Green Park to see Buckingham Palace:

I couldn’t go in that day because all of the tickets were sold out. So I went ahead and bought tickets for Monday so more on the palace later.

Next I got back into the tube to find Westminster Abbey…but on the way, I saw this poster:

I’m doing this! When? Not sure yet…but it will happen.

Anyway, I got out of Westminster station to come face to face with a familiar clock face (that’s a lot of faces hehe):

Yes, good people, Big Ben is connected to the House of Parliament which is a crossed the street from Westminster Abbey:

I couldn’t go inside either because it closed at 3:30 in the afternoon….and I got there at 3:45 😦 So, I was two for nothing on seeing monuments today. I decided to then wander the area for a bit and take more photos 🙂

The London Eye

More of Parliament

I eventually wandered back to West Hampstead where I was staying:

This is the road I’m staying on. It’s quite nice, no?

Anyway, I moseyed on back towards Lucy to hang out with her until Fia came home from work. Fia and I had a nice Italian dinner in Hampstead (which is different from West Hampstead) and came back for a small drink.

Today wasn’t too exciting, but tomorrow will be awesome as I will be going to Stonehenge!!!!!!



Location:Surrey, England, UK

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