The British Empire (Well…sort of): Day 4

So this day was a very chill at the House of Smith. Claire and K planned a nice little barbecue since there was a (very rare) sunny day. Claire’s father, Jonathan; his girlfriend, Lynn; and Claire’s dear little grandmother, Dorothy were all in attendance.

K took charge of the bbq, making burgers and kebabs while Claire made a lovely salad.

That’s Claire with her adorable little grandmother.

K being would fit in well in the States with his BBQ’in skills!

Jonathan and Lynn, they were so sweet to me šŸ™‚

And of course, Claire and I.

The food was delicious and the company wonderful. I don’t remember the last time I ate so much. Then when I was feeling quite full, they put more food on my plate. Ugh. Must. Keep. Going…..

Then we sat around for a bit, using what energy we had just in digesting our food…..until the Jonathan and Lynn decided to start weeding. Then Dorothy got involved and before long Claire and K joined in…I have to make a note in saying that this family would not normally do this. But the whole situation, I found, was hilarious.

See? They’re weeding! *giggles* And what was the American doing? Sitting on her ass. That’s right, the American was being lazy….but you all know me, did you really expect me to do a bit of weeding? Thought so.

I had great conversations with everyone, Claire’s family is absolutely lovely šŸ™‚ I was asked many times if I had been to the U.K. before. I was there once when I was 4, obviously not old enough to remember. In fact, I have a picture from the last time I was, in fact, near Surrey:

This is me with my daddy in Birmingham back in 1990. I was trying to be like him by not smiling šŸ˜› I should also add a picture of my mami and I (though I will add that she may disown me for making this photo public, what with her 80s ‘fro):

Anyway, I had a lovely chat with the family while I was trying to get over my food coma (ugh….sooo much fooooood!)

Eventually, another one of Claire’s friends came over (Luxmy; awesome name, no?) where we played board games, ate (more fooooood!), and tried to watch a bad movie Claire bought (Chatroom). The movie was not bad (surprisingly) just weird. We were hoping for an awful movie so that we could just sit and laugh at it. It was still fun šŸ™‚

Tomorrow we head for Windsor…hopefully to have tea with the Queen!



Location:Holly Way,Blackwater and Hawley,United Kingdom

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