The British Empire (Well….sort of): Day 5

This morning, we headed to the merry ol’ town of Windsor…home of Windsor Castle (and the Queen of England)

We didn’t go inside. It costs about $25 bucks to go inside (it also costs about that much to do the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey….sorry, I’m not quite made of money so I couldn’t pay to see everything here). But we took a walk around to see the little shops:

We even stopped for a nice English Tradition: Afternoon tea:

There’s Claire sitting in front of my massive cup of tea and scones with cream and jam (delicious!!!! nom nom nom!) We had escaped the monsoon that hit Windsor today, but I didn’t have my wellies on (my rain boots) so my socks were wet! :-/

mmmmm tea! Honestly, I was still full from the massive amounts of food that I ate yesterday so just having afternoon tea was perfect!

I managed to buy a little cup of the royal wedding for my mami. She has one from Charles and Diana so of course she wanted to add to her little collection. 🙂

We went back to Blackwater (after taking the wrong route a few times) and chilled for a time until it was time for me to head back to London and back to Fia.

So ends my little side-trip to Surrey. Twas a blast!


P.S. Alex, imi este dor de tine 🙂

Location:Holly Way,Blackwater and Hawley,United Kingdom

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