Epilogue: Coming Home

So today is my last official day in Europe. I head home tomorrow morning. I get back to Indianapolis at around 9pm but I will be in the states by 4 (by way of Atlanta).

I take this time to reflect on my three week adventure. Was it worth it? Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. I’ve had wonderful once in a lifetime experiences, made some new friends, and gained the affection of a hawt Romanian to boot. However, I’m also broke. As. Shit.

Still worth it!

I feel like I have been passing the last three weeks in a dream-like state that when I come back to the states I will wake up and none of this would have happened. I feel like I’ll come back to my life in the states and find it was all a dream and that none of it happened. But I have the pictures to prove it! And of course this blog where I mapped all of my moves.

I want to thank you all for following me in my little adventure. I know there is a lot more that went on than what I wrote and you’re more than welcome to ask me about it when I come home.

Though that brings me to my next topic: I fly back to the states on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I tried to avoid getting a flight on that day but obviously it didn’t work. While I know it is also technically the safest day of the year to fly in the states (due to heightened security), please send positive thoughts to anyone and everyone you know flying on that day.

To everyone in the states: I will see you soon!

To everyone in Europe (more specifically Edinburgh): I will return!!!!

Imi este dor de tine

Until my next adventure!



Location:The Ripley Court Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

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