The British Empire (Well…sort of): Day 10

So this was my last day in London. It was a very lazy day. I woke up….eventually….and like a sloth, very slowly showered and dressed and made my way to Starbucks where I sat for several hours. I chatted with friends back home, updated my blog, played on Facebook…you know, the usual.

There were a couple of times that this homeless man would just walk into Starbucks and go about each of the tables and ask for change. I was quite taken aback when he came in the first time…but when he came back an hour later….I was not pleased especially when he asked me a second time. And he was quite rude about it! Dude, you walked into a Starbucks and bothered these people. Goodness!! It made me appreciate the hobos we have in Bloomington…they’re really nice! But then again Bloomington is like Disneyland for hobos since I’m quite sure we have more soup kitchens than hobos….and we have a lot of hobos!

I eventually left to head to Victoria Station where I met with my friend April’s boyfriend, Chad. He came in from Surrey just to hang out for a few hours with me. We walked over to The Shakespeare pub which was a crossed the street from Victoria and hung out. In all the time I’ve known him, this is the first time we have had a civilized conversation. Usually our chats consist of us trying to be more crass or more insulting than the other. So, I think we’re making progress. *giggles*

Afterwards, I got back onto the tube (right during rush hour, ugh) to head back to St. Paul’s and met with Fia at her work. We had a date. We were going to see Ralph Fiennes in The Tempest.

You remember that poster from an earlier post? Yeah, I got us tickets and we watched and marveled at the deliciousness that is Ralph Fiennes. I’ve seen productions of The Tempest before…some weird…some awful. This was amazing (though they had a good budget and could actually make the special effects work instead of having to be abstract). The entire cast did a great job!

We came back and I had the very sad and depressing job of packing. Mostly because I was really tired and I just didn’t care to pack. But I did it taking special care of making sure that my carry-on was lighter than before. Aer Lingus (the airline I took from Dublin-Edinburgh and Londono-Dublin) allows only 20 kg for your luggage (~40 lbs) and 7 kg for carry-on (~14 lbs).

Did I succeed? Or will I have to pay again? We’ll find out tomorrow!

See you on the flip side!
Until tomorrow.



Location:The Ripley Court Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

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