I <3 Chicago



Ah….Chicago.  So I moved here the weekend after Thanksgiving of 2011.  It was quite crazy.  It was right after my trip from the U.K.  The week I got back there was an e-mail from a headhunter asking if i was interested in a job in Chicago.  Within a few weeks I had three interviews as well as an offer.  I took it and here I am!

I know I should be writing more concerning my new city especially because now it is summer and I am exploring more and more.  I will, I promise.  I will try to write about different places that I have discovered while here in the Windy City.

I feel like I was made for Chicago.  I love it, the food, the people, the bars…

I even had a boyfriend for a few months.  Chicago has been good to me 🙂  It’s a city that is too big to put into one post, or two, or three.  I will write about different bars, restaurants, touristy things.  Hopefully, if you come to visit me and my city I will take there personally.  If not, then perhaps this blog will give you an idea of where you can go 🙂

That’s all for now, but I thought I should make an appearance again.



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