Moving to Germany: T-83 Days – So What Now?

Now that I have a verbal agreement, the ball has begun rolling in getting everything ready for my move. What do I need to do?

Well, first things first: I need a new passport. My current one expired in January and it is sort of necessary to have one if I would like to leave the country for whatever reason. Don’t worry, I have already sent it out to be renewed; however, I can’t move forward until I have a new one.

Then I need to get a Visa. I have gone through this process before when I did my study abroad in Spain. I just need my contract from my new job, passport, health insurance, passport photos, as well as filling out the necessary forms.

Of course I am also waiting for my official contract. I should be given this within the next week or so and the passport is pending. I will also be getting in contact with our German HR soon in order to get everything down on paper. Fortunately I have two great guys in my corner: Thorsten and his brother Martin who have made sure that I am prepared on what is common in Germany so I am both informed and ready to negotiate!

My apartment? Well, I organized that my start day be the day after my lease in Chicago is up. So no matter what, I have to be out of that apartment so I will be selling what I can and the more important items will be sent to Indianapolis where I will decide what gets sent to Germany later.

Of course you’re all wondering the big question: What about Abner?

He’s coming with me, of course!!! His current vet here in Chicago is USDA certified so she will help me with the necessary paperwork to get him ready for Deutschland. Essentially, he just needs his rabies to be updated right before he leaves, any other updated vaccines (if necessary) and to have a microchip that adheres to European regulations. He has had said microchip since he was neutered almost four years ago. Yay!!

What about work? Well, besides the day to day routine that takes up most of my days, I also have a few projects that I need to try and finish. The big one is me implementing what I learned in Germany to our site here in Chicago. However, my boss and site manager have been very supportive and told me that if time runs out I can still come back to tidy things up if need be. They look at it not as me leaving, just going somewhere else. I will still be working for this company so my knowledge and abilities can still be used if they need it.

It’s a lot…..don’t even get me started on what needs to be done in Germany!!!!! It’s a lot and I have less than three months to do it all!!! Don’t worry, I will keep updating this blog so you all can suffer with me haha!

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