Moving to Germany: T-80 Days – Saying Goodbye to El Mariachi

So last night I went to dinner with a German colleague, Caroline, after letting her lay claim to some of my furniture that I will be selling shortly. We went to one of the many nearby restaurants in my area and it dawned on me that there will come a time that they will no longer be so close. Instead, they will be far away where I will have to discover new favorite restaurants.

I decided that one of the subjects I will tackle during the countdown of my move is too say good bye to my favorite haunts in Chicago (and Indianapolis) as well as give insights for great places to go for the readers who find themselves in these cities.

I love making new discoveries but I am also a creature of habit. Once I find a place with a certain dish that I like, I will order it every time. I am weird like that.

This time, Caroline and I walked around the block to El Mariachi. It’s

Nice decor!
Nice decor!

on Broadway and Sheridan. I was introduced to this tequila bar by a newly made friend when I first moved to Chicago. I have not always been the biggest fan of Mexican food but this place is fantastic!

They make amazing table-side quacamole, grilled steak salad as well as house margaritas.

Steak Salad El Mariachi
Every time – amazing!!!
So much food!!!
Margaritas at El Mariachi
mmmmmmmmmmm Margaritas!
Caroline at Mariachi
Caroline looks amused….I promise she’s having a great time!

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