Moving to Germany: T-79 Days – Getting Rid of Shit

One of the hard parts of moving to another country is the serious thinking of what to take and not to take with you overseas. Over the last six months, I knew that Thorsten and I would be making a decision to live together (though we didn’t know where for the longest time) and I made the conscious decision that I have too much shit.

Those of you who have helped me move (*hint hint* Gemela) know this and have tried to tell me this. But as I have gotten older, I have come to the realization that there are only really a few things in life that I need to have to be happy. The rest could probably go missing and I wouldn’t even notice.

Books, movies, and tea.

Books and movies can easily be clumped into one: stories. As a writer, I have always been a sucker for a good story. I actually don’t really watch much tv since most television today consists of reality shows and game shows….neither of which hold stories that interest me in the slightest. I usually stick to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu (so I can pick and choose for cheaper) as well as the movies I buy.

Thorsten made fun of me once to watching too much TV. However, I may try to watch a lot of shows but few really keep me coming back for more.

Anyway, I realize that I am digressing so let’s get back to the real topic: getting rid of shit.

In the process of downsizing, I have been going through my things and putting them into a pile in a corner of my apartment for my parents (or myself) to take back to Indianapolis. Whoever takes it down is completely dependent on who heads to Indy first. Unfortunately the month of March is hell at work which will require the department to work every weekend until April where my weekends will be taken up by vacation and weddings (more on that later).

By the end of May, my more personal possessions will go to Indianapolis while most of the big ticket items: tv, couches, bed, coffee table are up for grabs to be sold. So any of you in the Chicago area interested…..let me know……

As of right now......this needs to go home....
As of right now……this needs to go home….

So what will I take when I leave? Frankly, in the beginning I will be taking as little as possible. Why? Well, when I get there I will only have a temporary apartment to sleep in while I am in the process of looking for a real apartment. Since I have no idea of the space Thorsten and I will be living in, it is best to leave things at home and have them sent for once we are more settled in. So at the moment, I will be just bringing clothes and the most basic things for Abner.

I have already begun with lists of what to take now and what to take later but that will be a post for another day when we get closer.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts....

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