Moving to Germany: T-73 Days – In the Meantime…

Unfortunately, a lot of the next three months will mostly be waiting and working. But I do manage to find other ways to keep me busy so that time moves a little faster:

Obviously I have this blog. I have had a lot inspiration recently with different topics to cover. Let’s hope that I can keep this up.

But I will say that if there is a question you have about traveling or moving or any other related topic would would like to see on this blog please do so in the comments.  😀

I have my novel that I am in the editing process of. I also have a writing group that I meet with every other Friday in order to get feedback on same novel. If you want to know more about it, you should visit my other blog (yes, I have another one) that focuses on my writing:

Of course trying to hang out with friends but it’s difficult to be social when you’re in a city that’s in the middle of the winter that will never end but it should get a little warmer out so that I can go through my favorite places at least one last time.

I also have some fun events to look forward to:

  • My sister Heather will be coming to visit me for several days at the end of March. She, the husband, and the gaggle of children will arrive and fun will be had. 😀
  • My cousin Beto is getting married to this awesome gal Cassie on April 5th. 😀
  • This also goes along with the fact that my Tia Chibi will be visiting from Peru. I haven’t seen her since 2010 so it will be great to see her. : -D
  • My Fellowship sister, Wendy, will also be tying the knot in Maryland on April 18th. Thorsten will be flying in from Germany in order to attend. 😀
  • Well, and Thorsten will be here to see me and we will be traveling a bit of the East Coast together. 😀
  • Oh! I have a short story being published on on May 19gh! Can’t wait! 😀

Don’t worry; I do plan on some fun posts

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