Moving to Germany: T-72 Days – Carry-on Tips

So before my actual big trip to Germany, I will have my little mini trip up and down the east coast in April. Usually, I like to take the opportunity to practice before my big trips. Since I will be gone for about a week, I usually just take a little carry-on. *Gasp* A woman only taking a carry-on for a week?! Unheard of! I know.

Well, I am a girl of simple means. I also make sure that I have travel versions of my necessities. This does not include just shampoo and lotions but also travel hair dryer and hair straightener/curler.  Growing up with a dad like mine required that I learn how to travel light cause I had to do all my own carrying…..and I’m lazy.

When traveling I always take a carry-on case.  For short domestic flights it’s all I have.  For International trips, I use it as extra storage space for clothes (since we no longer have two free check-ins).  But I also keep emergency stock in case my luggage gets lost while I am traveling.

I have been fortunate (knock on wood) that I always have had my luggage arrive with me but I know enough travelers who have had this happen so I am always prepared.  This emergency kit includes travel versions of toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner as well as a few pair of clothes and undergarments.  You would be surprised what you will need when it’s suddenly not there.

Along with my carry on suitcase, I also carry a purse with things to do during my flight.  Most people hate flying because they get bored but I have spent most of my young life by myself so I usually am overwhelmed by the plethora of things that I can do during the flight.  I always carry one of my writing projects, a book, a fully charged iPod as well as a battery for when the battery dies down.

One thing I have finally gotten around to buying is a ‘Boarding Pass

Click on the photo and you will be take to the Dollbirdies shop.
Click on the photo and you will be take to the Dollbirdies shop.

Wallet.’  This one exactly.  It has sleeves for multiple passports, boarding pass, as well as ID, credit cards and health information.  I don’t know why I haven’t purchased one of these before; I usually just stuff my boarding pass and passport into whatever pocket I can and hope they don’t get destroyed.

But one of these wallets may not be for you.  My friend, Anya recommends a backpack and a small purse with your information/boarding pass/wallet that can easily be stuffed into a bigger bag and thus not be counted as a carry on.

In the end you have to decide what works best for you but don’t carry on too much.  Your packages can get very heavy very fast when you are having to run from one end of the airport to another just to catch your flight.

What about you out there? What do you normally do for carry on?

3 thoughts on “Moving to Germany: T-72 Days – Carry-on Tips

  1. LOVE THAT WALLET! Seriously going to by one, maybe in time for Cancun… I’m picky though, so I could see needing to custom-order one. Like, I’d want the tall one you pictured, and I would add the zippered compartment, but the short ones come with a clear pocket that is the right size for cards… so I might want to add that… so much to consider. 😛 As dorky as it may be, I’ve seriously considered using a neck or waist pouch for my passport and boarding pass, because I’m always terrified I’ll misplace them.

    I keep my passport in the hotel lockbox, but during actual travel, I usually just tuck my ID and primary credit card into my passport cover (this simple one from Kensington Palace: and then I put that, plus my boarding passes and wallet, into the front pocket of my (rather large!) “personal item,” this fantastic High Sierra bag: This holds a bajillion things for my flight, including my tablet, chargers, a change of clothes (usually a wrinkle-proof dress and tights that would match my travel shoes and sweater), and my toiletries.

    So far, I’ve been able to pack luxuriously for trips and haven’t tried the carry-on only method. (I fear that day, but I know it will come!) Since these have been 5-10 day business trips where I wouldn’t feel very comfortable repeating outfits (other than an LBD or suit), I need to be able to check a bag. On the outbound, I usually carry that “personal item” and I check a 25″ expandable hardside spinner, this AMAZING Delsey Helium Shadow II: Seriously, this luggage is awesome. Ridiculously light, great zippered compartment, TSA combination lock, and sooooooo smooth. I don’t see how people travel without spinners. Every time I pack this thing, I pick it up and think, “Crap, I am SOOOOO over 50 pounds.” But I guess I’m just a weakling, because it never weighs more that 44 pounds. (BTW, it’s totally worth buying luggage at Macy’s because you can return it for a full cash refund for any reason for at least one year after purchase, even if it’s super worn out.)

    On the return flight, I have a carry-on: this fabulous 20″ duffel (also from High Sierra): (Except I have it in a slightly different floral/paisley pattern.) It compresses down into a (very nice) toiletry bag, so it’s perfect for storing in my checked luggage for the outbound flight. On the way back, I have it loaded it full of souvenirs and whatever. One of the killer features is that you can wear it as a (slightly awkward) backpack while sprinting for a connection. I originally had the 24″ one, but after one flight I realized it was too big. If I filled it all the way, it wouldn’t fit in a European overhead, and would be too bulky anyway. I use a mini TSA combination padlock on this.

    Thanks for reminding me to get a travel flat-iron. Need that! Any recommendations?

    Sorry for the wall of text. Just saw your blog on FB, and I love it!

    1. Hey Sarah! Great to hear from you. On that site where I got my travel wallet. The store has a ton of options and you can pay to add the clear pocket for your IDs as well as adding a zipper pocket to the tall ones. I just love etsy for these sort of things because the makers can get really personalize things for you and you can ask them for extras and they are very helpful.

      As for the flat iron, I can’t remember the brand off the top of my head but I got that and my travel hair dryer at Sally Beauty Supply. They have a lot of options. Just make sure you find one that can handle 240V as well as 120V.

      I will definitely look into those bags you recommended thanks!

      The carry-on only can be pretty hardcore but I have had years of practice. Try experimenting sometime with just a weekend trip.

      Anyway thanks for following! I will try to have more interesting posts. I still have more travel trips up my sleeve 🙂

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