Moving to Germany: T-71 Days – The Happy Wanderer

I came a crossed this challenge on the DailyPost yesterday. We were asked to write about our travel style. Are we the kind that must have every step planned or do we fly by the seat of our pants?

Well, I am a little bit of both. The one thing I must always have planned is where I will be staying and how I will get to the next destination. Here’s an example:

When I planned for Operation U.K., the only things I had planned well in advance were my hotels for Dublin, Edinburgh, and London (I just stayed with a friend) as well as the transportation to get to each city: Fly to Dublin, Fly to Edinburgh, Train to London, Fly to Dublin, and Fly back to the states. I also planned how to get from the airport/train station to the hotel and back.

I also planned to at least have a rental car for my Irish Road Trip.

Other than that, once I am in a city I only have a list of what I would like to see and then I just wing it and see what I can fit that day. I may not get to see everything but once I have the important things mentioned above) planned then the rest is just a matter of what strikes my fancy at that very moment.

Another example: I just finished planning Thorsten and my East Coast trip. Literally we have our hotels and transportation paid for and the rest we’ll just see when we get there 😀

So in a way, I’m a little bit of both.

I get stressed out trying to figure out how I will get to a destination. But after that I have found to just wing it. I have discovered some awesome gems in my travels simply because I happened upon them and they were not on the beaten path.

It all comes down to what is important to the traveler. What do they want to get out of this trip? What about some of you travelers? Is it important for some to just see what you want to see and then leave? Or do you like to see some of the important things and then try to find the lesser known sites just by happenstance?

What do you think?

Let Me Know Your Thoughts....

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