Moving to Germany: T-65 Days – Money, Money, Money

When traveling you obviously need money.  Depending on what your comfortable with: some people carry copious amounts of money with them while others go to ATM whilst traveling.

Either way, most countries do not accept credit cards like we Americans so cash is necessary.  So when you do travel, carry the greens.

When traveling into the touristy areas around the world, you want to be ever vigilant.  Since I was younger that was the one bit of advice that my dad would always give me: always watch around you.

The pickpockets of the world always target the tourists who do not pay attention to their surroundings.  But it’s not just that.  I suggest that when you do carry money don’t try to carry it in one place.

The traditional approach that my parents used:

Click the photo if you want to purchase this.
Click the photo if you want to purchase this.

You can hide this under your shirt and tuck it into your waist band.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but here are some fun travel hacks where you can hide your money:

Maxi Hiding Place Altoids Hiding Place Chapstick Hiding Place

You need to alter your chapstick in order to make your bill fit properly but it’s doable!Advil Hiding PlaceWith these smaller items you really want to stick to one bill (like $100) for an emergency.  

Try to avoid keeping your bills into one place so maybe these ideas could be fun and useful.

What other ideas do you have out there?


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