History – Lindau

Not to far from where I will be living in Germany, there is a quaint little village just off Lake Constance called Lindau.


Despite the fact that the red arrow points more inland, that is only the newer part of the city.  The old city is actually on the little peninsula that juts out into the lake.

There is really much to the old village besides the view of the lake and its lighthouses, but there is a train station that runs from Linau to Munich.  Lindau was well known for its fishing as well as a place to go to and from Austria and Switzerland.

It’s a beautiful little area with a gorgeous view of the Alps from their lighthouse.

Lindau1 Lindau4 Lindau7 Lindau5

Thorsten and I climbed the newer lighthouse where we had a gorgeous view of the lake as well as the village:


Of course, we also walked the streets to find a little cafe and a quick bite to eat.

Lindau2 Lindau6

It’s such a picturesque village and I highly recommend you go and see it.

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