Moving to Germany: T-60 Days – Travel Hacks!

I am very excited about this post.  I did a lot of researching of travel hacks and found some awesome ideas! Of course, I had to share them with you!

1. Pill Box for Your Jewelry

Jewelry Box Hack

Let’s start with this beauty.  You can buy one these at Walgreens for a few dollars and your jewelry fit wonderfully and with little mess.  But remember, your jewelry MUST go on carry on with you.  It doesn’t matter how many of those TSA locks you put on your checked luggage, they can still be cut off.

2. Use an Old Glasses Case for Wires

Chord HackI personally have a case for all of my chords but this is a nice cheap way to use all those extra glasses cases you may have floating around in some drawers.

3. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Hack


This is more for the ladies.  This stuff is works miracles.  It’s great for lotion, your hair, make-up remover and cooking!  I use it once a week as a mask for my hair but you can dab a little bit to deal with fly-aways.  Use it! Do it! You’ll thank me later!

4. Dental Floss – The Other Other Swiss Army Knife

Dental FlossYou can use dental floss for more than just cleaning your teeth.  You can use it as thread, cheese cutter, shoe lace, clothes line.  It sounds preposterous, I know but carry some with you and try it.

5. Baby Shampoo as Detergent

Baby Shampoo Hack

Take one of these with you in case you need to do a bit of laundry in a hotel sink.  Baby shampoo is supposed to be good for delicates so if you’re traveling a while and wnat to at least clean your undergarments….well….here you go.

6. Baby Oil as Shaving Cream/Lotion

Almond Baby Oil


Now I have used baby oil  for shave my legs and it worked very well.  I highly recommend it as a lotion after your shower, you’re skin will thank you for it.  I got this little bottle in Germany.  It’s actually almond oil.  It has a subtle smell and works very well.  Love it!

7. Sample Size Perfumes

Perfume Hack


When I was in the UK, I bought the little pink travel container for perfume.  You can fill it with whatever one you want.  On the left is a free sample of a Katy Perry perfume I got from Sephora.  I’m glad I got to sample it beause it smells delightful.  If you are in a a perfume section (like Sephora) you can ask for free samples and use it as a opportunity to try something new.

8. Stabucks Card



So I have heard from that you can take your leftover currency at the end of your trip and load it on an American Starbucks card and then use it when you come home.  This has not been confirmed yet but you are welcome to try it (I suggest only experimenting with a few dollars worth so that if it doesn’t work you’re not out a lot of money).

However, something I did learn from Starbucks: when I was in the UK and wanted to use free internet, I discovered that Starbucks only allows their customers to access their internet.  To prove this, you can purchase a gift card for about 5 Dollars (or whatever the currency of that country is) and you can spend it on drinks or whatever.  On that card is a number; you use this number to access their internet account and it’s valid for 30 days.  I used this card both in Scotland and London.  It has been a few years, but I am sure it still works.  Try it.

This is my first post of hopefully a few on Travel Hacks.  There are plenty more where this came from.  Do you have any Travel Hack ideas?


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