Foto Fridays – Chan Chan

So in the mad scramble to find other series’ to promote my crazy travels.  I decided to an attempt at alliteration and create Foto Fridays…..

I used to get crap about spelling photo as foto but that’s how you would call it in Spanish.

So for the first foto, I present this:

Chan Chan
Chan Chan

This is Chan Chan.  It’s an adobe city built by the Chimu culture (they predate the Incas).  It is located right outside the city of Trujillo, Peru just a few kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean.  It has some of the most fascinating designs.  Everything was decorated with an oceanic theme and yet you can only see the ocean by climbing the tall watch tower.

This photograph is of one of their walk ways.  The design is supposed to represent the nets used by the men as they fished in the sea.   As you can see, the ‘nets’ have been worn down through the years but they are still beautiful.

This place is also part of my history.

My mother grew up close to these ruins in Trujillo while my dad spent a few months there for a busines trip.  They met at work and they came to Chan Chan as a sort of ‘first date.’  Mom was going there with some friends and decided to invite the ‘gringo’ along.

Everytime I am in Trujillo, I always try to make a little pilgrimage to Chan Chan.  If you’re ever in the area, you should go and see it.  So much has already eroded but the Peruvians are working tirelessly to restore and they are doing a wonderful job.

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