History – Kelheim, City of Angels

The city of angels.

Kelheim is a little village in Bavaria that no one really knows about.  It rests quietly along the Danube in a little sleepy valley.  But high above watching stoically is a building: The Hall of Liberation or Befreiungshalle.

Hall of Liberation
Hall of Liberation

It was built by King Ludwig I as a tribute to all the victories against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation.  Construction started in 1842 and was completed in 1863.

Inside is gorgeous:



These statues are enormous!
These statues are enormous!


You can climb up to those columns above to get a view below.  Check out an old photo of me doing so.


You can even go outside to see the village (it was a rainy day)



It’s another little gem you can find in Germany if you know about it.  My Tia Meni brought me here back in 2007 as part of our “Intro to Deutschland” Trip.

I highly recommend coming here if you can.  It’s a quiet and beautiful place with beautiful artwork.  It’s a a grand work that was made to be admired.  So go admire it!

2 thoughts on “History – Kelheim, City of Angels

  1. Mari: I am learning soo much from you. Next spring, we plan to go to Switzerland (I hope that I spelled it correctly). Thank You for sharing this wealth of information. Regards and the best to you….Janeth Clancy

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    1. Janeth, I’m so glad you are learning! I have been writing this while I am also learning as well. I want to share the wealth! If you go to Switzerland, let me know! T and I will be close to the border so I would love to see you!

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