Moving to Germany: T-47 Days –

So I stumbled upon this website while looking up information about what fun stuff I can put on my travel blog. It’s quite the informative site where you can actually type in a city or location you are interested in and it will pop up with results articles (from the same site) about that particular place along with tips and recommendations.



Essentially, the idea of Trekity is to empower women to travel more. I love the idea simply because I am a traveler myself. Most of the other travelers I know are actually men so it’s great that there are people out there to try to motivate more women to do so.


I am bringing this blog up besides the fact that it contains a wealth of knowledge that even I would like to tap into but also because they will be publishing a short story of mine on May 19th! Very exciting! As the time draws nearer, I will remind you guys to keep an eye and ear open. But in the meantime, go check out the site.

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