Moving to Germany: T-44 Days – What’s in my bag?

So today I am flying out to Baltimore for my darling Wendy’s wedding. Wendy and I have been close friends since our days at Pike and over the next few days I’ll have more themed posts about not only Wendy but the rest of our high school group: The Fellowship.

So to go along with this theme, I decided to try a “what’s in my bag” post. This will be a ‘domestic flight’ themed one as well since my big international flight will require different goodies in my bag.

1. So for this flight I will start out with the bag itself: it’s a nice Merona bag from Target. I originally bought it as a bag to carry around my Chromebook (and it also fits my Vaio) when I go out to cafés for work or for my writing group. It’s a wonderful Bag of Holding.

2. A water bottle – make sure it’s empty before going through the security check point!

3. This is a bag in a bag – it’s an insert for your bag where you can fill it with goodies and use ti to organize your bag.  Then you can pull it out and put it into another bag without having to reorganize!

4. My travel wallet that I bought off of Etsy.  Here’s the link to the post where I talk more about it if you’re interested!

5. My Planner that I made

6. Big BAMF Headphones

7. My Kindle

8. Some of my toiletries – homemade lotion, Burt’s Bees, Sandalwood oil (to smell good), and some travel packs of Kleenex

9. My lovely Chromebook as well as sleeve

10.  My chords – charger chord and plug, battery, smaller headphones, and pretty green USB stick

11.  My little Coach wristlet for after arriving at the hotel and I want to run out and not lug my bag around

12.  Oversize Envelope where I have all of my travel documents – hotel information, flight information, wedding card

13. I suffer from migraines and hives so my bottles of Excedrin and Zyrtec along with my sunglass (as Thorsten would call ‘badass.’)

14. Of course I had to show that I also packed the chords to my chromebook

It seems like a lot I know, but having that little bag in a bag is very helpful:

Starting to Consolidate

See how much more condensed everything looks!  Then you can just pack everything neatly and voila!

All In

You are good to go!

I know this may not fit with some lists I have supplied in the past but since I am also taking my carry on with me for this week and a half trip, I am only packing what I may need during the flight.  The rest is packed away.

What do you think?

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