Foto Fridays – The Fellowship

The Fellowship
The Fellowship

This photo is the beginning of a few ‘non-traveling’ themed posts over the course of this coming weekend. On this very day of April 18, 2014, our friend Wendy will be tying the knot with her beau.

First, let me tell you just a little about the group: we are called the Fellowship. It’s a reference to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy because we were obsessed with them and each movie came out each year of high school (freshman, sophomore, and junior years to be exact) around winter finals.

Some used to try and call us the Fellowship of the Freaks as an insult, but we wore that name like a badge of honor. We’re weird; we’re zany, but we are definitely a family.

The first two photos at the top are two Fellowship members who have already tied the know: Thiana and Abbie.

The next three middle photos are of us at a high school open house, together at Abbie’s wedding, and the third is the group getting ready for senior prom in my bathroom.

The three at the bottom are photos of Wendy and me. I promise that she has a beautiful smile and knows how to take normal photos….but I love these in that they show how vivacious she is and how she bring life into any room she walks in….or at least brings a laugh.

Hopefully by the beginning of next week I will be able to get the photos together of this crazy wedding weekend but while you wait, these next few posts will be Fellowship themed.

I hope you enjoy!

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