Learning German – How Are You?

So you have mastered the basic ‘hello, my name is….’ part of German.

Now it’s only polite to ask how they are doing.  😀

Wie geht es dir? (Vee get es dear)


Wie geht es Ihnen? (Vee get es eenen)

Wie is ‘how.’

The word ‘geht’ comes the word ‘gehen’ which means to go.  So literally the phrase translates to ‘how goes it with you?”


how goes it with you?

‘It goes good for me’ would be the transliterated response: mir geht es gut 😀

Man, I love this language.  It all goes good! Too fun!

This goes into a quick lesson into the ‘who, what, where, why, when, and how’ in German…..they are the following:

who – wer

what – was

where – wo

why – warum

when – wann

and how – wie

You see, in German it is actually the five ‘w’ and not 4 ‘w’ and a random ‘h’ in English.  I get who and where mixed up in German.   As you can see they are pretty similar in English.

These will hopefully be useful in future German lessons……

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