Moving to Germany: T-30 Days – The Zebra Apartment

Zebra Apartment

So what did we think of AirBnB? Honestly, it was simple and I would do it again. I will admit that we were a little worried in the beginning because we had to wait a little bit outside of the apartment to be let in. But we had no problem communicating with the owners and once we were given the keys, we were left to our own devices and it was like it was our own little home.

This is a very popular means of lodging in Europe and I definitely plan on trying this again on our other travels.

It was nice to have the option to cook, or at least have a microwave for leftovers. This would have been great in DC since we had soooooo many leftovers that we couldn’t take with us because our hotel didn’t even have a fridge.

Why did I call this the Zebra Apartment? That’s how it is called in AirBnB. If any of you are going to New York and would like a place to stay for a decent price then this is your place. It has very high ratings and also books up very quickly. So if you want it, you must act fast!

Have any of you other travelers used AirBnB before? If so, what did you think? What cities did you stay in?

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