Foto Friday – Ice Storm on Rose

So now we are in our final month of the US. I decided to dip into my own heritage for some of my themed posts. This week I wanted my photo to be from my time in Bloomington, Indiana.

speed limit B W

Back when I was at IU, we had an ice storm which shut down the entire city. This was a big deal at the time because IU never closed even if there was two feet of snow! An ice storm is different because even walking was hazardous. Bloomington is rather hilly so if you make one false step you can fall and slide downhill.

This photo was taken as I was walking back to class. School was only closed for one day even though the ice lasted for the better part of a week. This speed limit is just down the street from my college house. We called it Rose House because it was almost on the corner of 1st and Rose Ave. I miss that house and all the memories that came with it.

Also, ice storms are beautiful but man they can be deadly!

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