Moving to Germany: T-26 Days – The Final Countdown

We are in the month of May, rapidly approaching the single digit days!  Thorsten went back to Germany yesterday and took an extra suitcase for me to officially start my move 😀

So what’s on the plate for me?

Well, now that I won’t have guests: my furniture has to go! I will be using as many means as possible (but not Craigslist….no serial killers for me).

The weather is finally getting warmer so my heavy winter coats can go home (a few have gone with Thorsten as well).

The photos are coming off the walls and I am seriously consolidating more.

Abner and I have also gone back to practicing with the crate!

The treats are the key!
The treats are the key!

Honestly there’s a lot and it’s hard to explain where to begin.  But don’t worry, I got a plan!

How I have been able to do this is by simply having a planner.  This includes keeping up with these blog posts.  I know what post goes what day and they move if need be.  I have a section for writing projects as well as normal to do lists.

Moleskin Planner

I found the idea on Pinterest.  I just went out and bought a nice Moleskin notebook and filled it out as a weekly planner.  This may not work for everyone but I love it!

I always work well looking at the big picture and having this in one place has helped.  I will need it more in the days to come.


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