Foto Friday – Poochy Bear

So for today’s photo….you guessed it: it’s Abner!

Happy Birthday to my Poochy Bear!
Happy Birthday to my Poochy Bear!

Today is actually his birthday. He is five now.  It’s easy to remember the date because it’s also the very day I graduated from university: May 09, 2009.  I can’t believe I have had him for this long! It still feels like yesterday that he was peeing on all my pillows and chewing on the kitchen walls. I hope for many more years with this little guy and I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for us in Germany.

As you can see, I bought him a little gingerbread cookie with yogurt frosting. You can also see by the look in his eyes that he was very exciting to get it. The cookie is too big for him in one go so I have been breaking it up into smaller pieces. The problem is that they are still too big to be eaten immediately so he holds it in his mouth and carries it around the apartment for several minutes trying to decide where to bury it. Only when this has proven to be a failing quest will he finally start eating it, leaving melted yogurt all over my rug. Don’t worry, he licks the hell out of that rug so there’s no stain left behind. Thanks, dog and happy birthday! I love you!

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