Moving to Germany: T-19 Days – My Dear Percival

So this weekend was momentous not just because it was Mother’s Day. It was also the weekend I had to sell my MINI Percival. It’s a very weird bitter sweet time for me because I love that car. It was my first real big adult purchase and I actually haven’t paid it off yet :-/

La Mari and Percy
The day I bought him…..

Unfortunately, I can’t take him with me to Germany because it would cost a fortune to not only ship him there but to also put in the maintenance work in order for him to fit within the German specifications for cars. In the end, it was easier to just sell him and get another car in Deutschland.

At the moment, Thorsten and I are looking into either a VW or an Audi. This is mainly due to the fact that he has several friends who are mechanics for both brands….this will be helpful if I need anything.

This reminds me of my Oldsmobile days (my car Augustus) where if something was wrong, I could take it to my mechanic and get it fixed for a decent price…..unlike my MINI where a simply oil change cost a small fortune.

I will miss Percy, but I have to stay positive: I will get a new toy soon and I will move on.

Thorsten and I already have names for my new car but they won’t be unveiled until a model has been chosen 😉


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