Moving to Germany: T-16 Days – The Top 5 Things to do in an Indiana Summer

This last weekend, Thorsten and I were discussing trips back to Indiana. He hasn’t spent a lot of time there but there are plenty of things I would love to share with him about my Indiana home.

In fact, I thought I would share with you lovely people five great pastimes to take advantage of if you’re in the Hoosier State.

1. The Indiana State Fair – This is a must! Granted, almost every state in the US of A has a state fair of some kind but for all of you non-Americans out there…..this is something to experience! The ISF normally takes place in the first two weeks of August when summer is at its hottest. It is here that you will find typical American fair like Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs, Ribbon Fries, and deep fried Twinkies.

Indiana State Fair

2. Indianapolis 500 – ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.’ This occurs during Memorial Day weekend (the end of May).  You can find more info about it in my post about it.  It’s great fun and the energy is amazing!

Indy 500

3. Eagle’s Nest/St. Elmo’s – I highly recommend for a delightful night out: go up the Hyatt to the Eagle’s Nest for cocktails.  It’s a cool little restaurant that rotates giving its patrons a 360 degree view of the city.  Once you’re finished, then head over (only if you have a reservation) to St. Elmo’s.  It is ranked at least in the top four steakhouses in the country.  If you go, definitely try the shrimp cocktail!

View from the Eagle's Nest
View from the Eagle’s Nest

4. Indiana Dunes – Indiana may appear to be landlocked….but there is that small sliver of land that does touch Lake Michigan.  For this, there are no words to describe it….you should just go:

Dunes3 Dunes2 Dunes

5. Indianapolis Museum of Art – First, the main part of this museum is free and it has a great collection of works.  But on a sunny day, you should also take a stroll around the Lilly Gardens.  Again, there are no words:

LillyGarden LillyGarden2 LillyGarden3

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