Moving to Germany: T-10 Days – How to Travel to 20 Different Countries in just over Two Hours

I know I’m cheating….

I love to travel. I am sure by now that this is obvious. The world is so gorgeous that I wish I could share it with all of you; to show you how I see the world. But it’s hard: kids, job, health, or other priorities. So you look for other means of escape: books, movies, your imagination or even your own backyard.

For those people I want to recommend a film to you. It’s called: The Fall

This is the movie that made me fall in love with Lee Pace.

I saw this movie back in 2008 when I just came back from Spain. I was completely blown away by the cinematography and then even more amazed when I discovered that it took them four years to film it (mostly because it came out of the director’s own pocketbook) and they filmed it in at least 20 different countries. Let’s take a look at some of the places that they film it.

Deadvlei (Namibia)


Jantar Mantar (Jaipur – India)

Jantar Mantar

Lake Palace (Lake Pichola – India)

Lake Palace

Charles Bridge (Prague – Czech Republic)

Charles Bridge

Butterfly Reef (Fiji)

How it looked in the movie and then transitioned to....
How it looked in the movie and then transitioned to….
The Real Thing
The Real Thing

Terraces of Ubud (Indonesia)

Ubud Ricefields

Pangong Tso (Tibet)

Pangong Tso

Buland Darwaza (India)

Buland Dawraza

Taj Mahal (India)

Taj Mahal

Gunung Kawi (Indonesia)

Gunung Kawi

Chand Baori (India)

Chand Baori

Jodhpur (India)

Jodhpur Jodhpur2

Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur, India)

Umaid Bhawan Umaid Bhawan Palace interior

Buenos Aires Botanical Garden (Argentina)

Botanico Buenos Aires

Capitoline Hill (Rome, Italy)

CapitalLine Hill

Hadrian’s Villa (Tivoli, Italy)

Hadrians Villa

Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey)

Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia Interior

You may have noticed that a great deal of these gems is found in India. This is due to the fact that the director of this film, Tarsem Singh, is Indian.

Also, I do not own any of these images that you see.  I hope some day to have my own but for now you’ll have to accept what I found on Google.

Anyway, I highly recommend you watch this film; it’s a great fantasy story that uses our own beautiful world as a backdrop. 😀


One thought on “Moving to Germany: T-10 Days – How to Travel to 20 Different Countries in just over Two Hours

  1. *sigh of beloved contentment* Man nothing in that movie gets old. I indeed had no idea so many of the locations were in India, very cool. Just further supports my adamant desire to go one day. 🙂 (maybe when they’re not in an arms race with Pakistan though 😛 )

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