Moving to Germany: T-9 Days – Where Do We Go From Here?

We are now in the single digits.  We are rapidly approaching the day I fly out to my next great adventure.

Am I nervous? Part of me, yes.  But I have kept myself busy between clearing out the apartment and daydreaming about what Germany has in store for me so I am more excited than anything.

The final pieces are falling into place.  I spent a good deal last night closing accounts, working on unlocking my cell and such.  Now I just have to finish packing…..maybe I will create a few more boxes to mail ahead of me.

What projects do I have planned once I get there?   Obviously I have this blog…but I will have to decide a different schedule because I have not been able to work on my novel since partaking in this project.  It’s been fun but I need to find a balance.   Maintaining writing a post for every day has been a very daunting undertaking but I still have some more in me to get me to Germany.  Don’t get me wrong; I have enjoyed writing this project but once I get to Germany my posts won’t be every day.  But they will keep coming!

I know this is not the most interesting post but I am sure you are wondering how things are going with me right now.   I’m in that final stretch but there is still plenty to be done.

How are you all doing out there, dear readers?

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