Garden of Wine

So I am currently living in a small college-type area of Ravensburg known as Weingarten.  It literally translates to “Wine Garden.” Cool, no? I haven’t seen any yet but I am keeping an eye out for these gardens.  In the meantime, I haven’t really done much exploring, but I wanted to share a few photos with you:

My street: Bahnhofstrasse
My street: Bahnhofstrasse

These photos were taken on Sunday when Thorsten was here with me.  We took a small stroll in search of whatever was possibly open on Sunday in Germany.


There's a Basilica I need to check out. It looks gorgeous
There’s a Basilica I need to check out. It looks gorgeous
Here's Abner walking Thorsten :P
Here’s Abner walking Thorsten 😛
Look at this face!
Look at this face!

We finally found it!

Of course....McDonald's and Burger King right next to each other.
Of course….McDonald’s and Burger King right next to each other.

Then we got food and went back to my apartment.  I am living in a four bedroom apartment with two students and an intern from my company.  I  have the two students (a girl named Dorothea and a young man named Adonis….I’m not kidding – side note: he’s from Syria but spent six years in Ohio and was very excited to have another English speaker in the house).  I have yet to meet the intern but I have seen his back while I walked into the bathroom one time.  Honestly, I mostly keep to myself.  After years of living alone, I definitely enjoy my solitude.

So without further ado here’s my little private space:

Weingarten Apt1

It’s not much.  The bed is actually one of those Ikea folding couches.  I brought my own bedding to protect it from the dog.  I also brough my feather pillow from home because I have not had good luck with European pillows. But that’s not the best part:

Weingarten Apt2


My room is actually an entry-way converted into a room.  But as you can see, they put two layers of blinds so I have privacy but still some light.  Also, I have my own personal entry way, which makes taking Abner out nice and quick.  Not that my roommates mind.  The two who have met Abner like him 😀

Anyway, that’s a little bit about my living situation.  I will have more time to explore soon so there will be more photos 😀

Until Friday!

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