A Week of Firsts

Abner watching me as I leave for work……

So I have survived my first week of work.  I have also been going through other ‘firsts’ in the meantime.  I went through my ‘Welcome Days” where I sat through a bunch of trainings I have already gone through (just the English versions) or they were the trainings I used to give (again, the English versions).  Compounding that with my jet-lagging status….I may have fallen asleep a time or two.

The worst was the last training on Monday.  The presenter mumbled, spoke fast, and completely in Swabian!  About half of the people in the room looked at each other in confusion (myself included).  At least I didn’t feel like a complete ass. Fortunately, I understood the slides (it was a safety training).  So I felt justified in not focusing too much in what he said.

My first official day was Wendesday.  But I didn’t arrive in the lab until about midday because I spent the morning with Astrid getting registered in Weingarten, opening a bank account, getting my tax number so that I can be legally paid. I must say that I have been fortunate with this move.  the department I am in consists of about 7-8 ladies and they were all very warm and welcoming to me.

Overall this first week has been very promising.  There have been a few bumps – Prime example:

Yesterday, my ID badge wouldn’t work.  In fact, it hasn’t worked this whole week.  On Wednesday, I was able to fill out a little form and was given a temporary badge.  But Thursday had a different guard at the door and he seemed convinced that I didn’t work there and that somehow I was not allowed inside and the reason why my badge didn’t work was because they didn’t actually give me one. It was very confusing as well as frustrating.  So I called my boss who had just arrived at work.  She came to my rescue and yet he still didn’t want to give it to me.  She even told the guy that I was in the directory (where I have been for over two years) with my photo as well as the building I work in and the department (which I was trying to get a badge to get into!) But he wouldn’t look. It was the weirdest thing.  After several minutes of arguing, he finally gave it to me on the condition that she sign for me….which is ridiculous since I am an employee there.

Oh well, makes for a good story no?  Anyway, I am finally at Friday which means Abner and I will be driving to Hilgartshausen to spend the three day weekend with Thorsten 😀

In other news: my interview with Trekity.com is up!!!! Check it out!!! http://trekity.com/studying-broad/

Until Monday!

Oh wait! I forgot another first: my first Doenner since my move……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sooooo goooooood *drools*

It’s ok, I make lamb (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)…..except that this is a Turkish dish….

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