Salt Festivals


So I made it to Hilgi for my three day weekend.  Yes, three day weekend.  It’s for a Christian Holiday (Germans do NOT have a separation of Church and State like back home).  I have no idea what holiday it is…..but it’s a free day so yay!

I finally got a German phone but my coverage was a little wonky so there was a brief time where I got a little lost….but this was my view:

Old edited photo from my trip to Germany from 2007
Old edited photo from my trip to Germany from 2007

Oh well, the view was totally worth it 😀 I made it!

So the next day, T and I went out to run some errands.  We got some stuff for Abner (beds, bowls, toy basket and such) so that I wouldn’t have to take things back and forth when we come to Hilgi for the weekends.

Abner already likes it :-D
Abner already likes it 😀

On our way back we decided to take a little trip to Schwäbisch Hall.  Hilgi technically falls in the district of this city so it was cool to finally see the namesake.   It was one of the cities not destroyed during the war (WWII) because it was not important in the war effort.  Which is lucky for us because it meant that we could still see this little gem:

Swaebisch Hall6
They do theatre on these steps. T and I are planning on going to see Hamlet in July 😀
Swaebisch Hall8
This is for the salt festival 😀
mmmmm Doenner
mmmmmmmm more Doenner 😉

Swaebisch Hall Swaebisch Hall2 Swaebisch hall4 Swaebisch Hall5 Swaebisch Hall7 Swaebisch Hall9 The Boyfriend T and M

The name Hall actually comes from the word Haal, which is an old German word for salt.  Swaebisch Hall (according to Thorsten) was where they mined salt from the waters of the area and sell to whoever wanted it.  Apparently, all German towns with the name Hall in it was for the same reason (also the same reason why towns with the word Bad in it was because they were known for their spas).

Anyway, it is such a beautiful little town.  When you come to Germany, make sure you go and see it.  It’s such a lovely city 😀

Until Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Salt Festivals

  1. wow, not a second wasted! you’ve most likely heard that already, but “Döner macht schöner” and “Kein Bier vor vier” 🙂 enjoy Germany!

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