Adventures with Abner

So today I decided to have a little update on my favorite little pug.  Well, Abner is absolutely loving being in Germany.  Sure they speak a language he doesn’t understand but they gave him attention and that’s something he does understand.Abner and Th

So obviously as you know form an earlier post that Abner made it all right on the flight.  He very much loves being in Thorsten’s family home where there are the nephews and football!

Abner6 Abner7Also here’s another video of him playing:

It’s also been very hot here in Germany.  There is no air conditioning in most places but this dog likes to dance to the beat of his own drum.  Some times he likes his little sunspots:


Other times he just lazily sleeps in front of the fan:


Thorsten has been very gung ho about making sure Abner is involved with what we do.  This makes me feel really good 😀

Don't they look alike?
Don’t they look alike?

This last Monday, Thorsten decided that we needed to go to the lake to cool off.  This included Abner:

Abner Swimming Mini Lake

Abner wasn’t much of a fan of swimming but at least he cooled off.  The best part is being able to go into a bar with him.  I did this on Wednesday:

Mami and AbnerHere I had some delicious Curry Wurst 😀

Curry Wurst

I did this because I knew Abner was a fan (don’t worry, I made sure to take off all of the sauce before I fed anything to him)

Abner3 Abner2

He also made a new friend.  He was deeply smitten by my friend Annabelle:

Abner and Annabelle Abner and Annabelle2

Over all I think he is ok with my decision to move us to Germany.  He certainly has been enjoy it:


Until Monday!




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