Castle Ruins

So I was going to write about my entire weekend in this one post.  However, so much has happened and I took so many photos that I will have to divide it into two posts.

So today I will post about Saturday.

Thorsten and I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and he wanted to get another suit.  The day he picked me up from the airport, we drove past an adorable set of buildings.   Turns out that they were for an outlet mall.  So we decided to check it out this last Saturday:

Wertheim Village

Wertheim Village2It literally does look like a tiny village.  It’s full of high end shops at cheaper prices….however, you can still find them cheaper in the US.  It was cool to walk into a Versace store…just not to look at their idea of ‘lower prices.’

I only bought two things:

This gorgeous Carafe
This gorgeous Carafe


Cute new jacket
Cute new jacket

When we were done, Thorsten decided that he wanted to take me to the real village of Wertheim to show me the ruins of the castle that overlooked the valley:

Village of Wertheim next to the river Main
Village of Wertheim next to the river Main


Castle14 Castle13 Castle12 Castle11 Castle10

There was even a little restaurant.....
There was even a little restaurant…..

Castle8 Castle7 Castle6 Castle5 Castle4 Castle3 Castle2 Castle1 Castle

This is another place to add to the list guys!

Then we ended the night by going to see this movie:

X Men


Yeah, it was all in German.  I actually did pretty well in understanding it.   There were moments that I had trouble but I still got the jist.  So I think it’s safe to say that my German has been coming along quite nicely in these two short weeks. 😀

Until Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Castle Ruins

  1. I love your jacket!!!!!! We miss you and love reading the blog. Hope you have a great birthday weekend!! Love you, Heather

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