Birthdays Away from Home

So today is my 28th birthday 😀

I will be celebrating it just with the dog and boyfriend.  I will post about our four day adventure on Monday (Thursday was another Christian Holiday and I took today off).

But some of you may wonder how I feel about spending my birthday away from home.  This is not the first birthday away from family.  I’m sort of an old hat at this.  My first birthday away from home was actually my 14th birthday.

14th Birthday in Lima

I still got to spend it family my Peruvian family.  It was loads of fun.  I actually spent the next few birthdays in Peru.

I find that as I get older my birthday becomes less of a ‘me’ event.  Or at least making such a big deal about it.  I have always got to spend it with people I care about.  This is true for Indianapolis, Peru, Bloomington, Chicago, and now Germany.

To many more birthdays!

Until Monday!


3 thoughts on “Birthdays Away from Home

  1. Love you! Happy 28th birthday! I hope it is a great 4 day weekend with the dog and boyfriend!

  2. I did not get the chance to say it yesterday… but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARI. 🙂 Love you & miss you! Best wishes & goodluck in Germany!

    much love,

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