Three Countries in Four Days!!!

I am going to warn everyone…..this will be a very photo heavy post.  My four-day birthday extravaganza was quite adventurous.  I loved every minute ot it.

Let’s start with Thursday:  Thorsten took Abner and me over to Austria (only an hour away) to the small city of Bregenz which sits right on the edge of Lake Constance.

2014_ 6_22_20_18 2014_ 6_22_20_19(1)It is quite the little town with all its tourists.  Before we got started with our actual adventure, we took a little walk along the coast when we saw this structure in the distance:

2014_ 6_22_20_19

So we walked over for a closer look:

2014_ 6_22_20_20(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_20It turned out to be the (still in progress) set of Mozart’s The Magic Flute which will be premiering in July (we already have tickets)!!!

Then we started our walk:

2014_ 6_22_20_21 2014_ 6_22_20_35

It seemed harmless enough….we were only climbing this pre-mountain to the Alps:

2014_ 6_23_ 0_ 9

“It will only take about 30 minutes,” said Thorsten.

2014_ 6_22_20_22 2014_ 6_22_20_23 2014_ 6_22_20_24 2014_ 6_22_20_25About two hours later we found this place (we still had about another 15 minutes to go):

2014_ 6_22_20_26 2014_ 6_22_20_27 2014_ 6_23_ 0_14 2014_ 6_23_ 0_13Then we did the last leg of the climb:

2014_ 6_22_20_35(1)


Abner stayed very hydrated
Abner stayed very hydrated

The view was totally worth it:

2014_ 6_22_20_29(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_29 2014_ 6_22_20_30 2014_ 6_23_ 0_15

From up here we could see into four countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichenstein.  Too cool, no?

We also took a few moments for some photos of us:

2014_ 6_22_20_33(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_36(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_35(3)

Then because Abner was such a trooper, we took the cable car back down to Bregenz (for those of you less inclined on two hours hikes….you can use the same cars to go up)

2014_ 6_22_20_31(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_32 2014_ 6_22_20_31

Afterwards, we found a little beach (still in Austria) where we could relax a little before heading back to Germany.

2014_ 6_22_20_35(2) 2014_ 6_22_20_34All in all, Abner was pooped:

2014_ 6_22_20_33So the next day, for my actual birthday….we were more relaxed.

We actually started the day running very late so we grabbed food at the first available place: McDonald’s……but when in Rome…..I got the Germany themed burger:

2014_ 6_22_20_36 2014_ 6_22_20_36(2)


It’s a normal burger with patty, cheese, bacon, arugula and butter…..yes butter.  It’s called Kraueterbutter and it’s used on their steaks.  It really good and too rich for me.  These burgers are around only because of the World Cup…but it was a fun way to have a little mix of US and Germany…

Afterwards, we went to a Therme which is essentially a spa/water park.  Unfortunately I have no photos because there is no use for a phone but I have a link to the site:

This is located in the city where Thorsten and I are planning on living (more on that later).  So when you come visit, I can definitely bring you here 😀

After a relaxing day at the spa, we went to downtown Ravensburg for a nice dinner at Wilderer:

2014_ 6_22_20_38(1)

2014_ 6_22_20_36(3)
World Cup was never far…..

2014_ 6_22_20_37 2014_ 6_22_20_38

2014_ 6_22_20_39 2014_ 6_22_21_ 2 2014_ 6_22_21_ 3(1)It was a great day……but we are only half way there!

The next day we went back to Lake Constance to a town called Meersburg where they have two castles next to each other:

2014_ 6_22_20_39(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_40 2014_ 6_22_20_40(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_41 2014_ 6_22_20_41(1)


Did I mention the view?

From there Thorsten had brough a pair of bikes and we went from there to Ueberingen:

2014_ 6_22_20_422014_ 6_22_20_432014_ 6_22_20_43(1)2014_ 6_22_21_ 32014_ 6_22_20_44(1)


Hello Ueberlingen
Hello Ueberlingen!

2014_ 6_22_20_45So we walked around a little and found a nice place for lunch (and checking out the nearby Cathedral) before heading back:

2014_ 6_22_20_46 2014_ 6_22_20_46(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_47 2014_ 6_22_20_47(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_48 2014_ 6_22_20_48(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_49Then we were back in Ravensburg in time for the Germany vs Ghana match:

2014_ 6_22_20_50(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_50(2) 2014_ 6_22_20_52(1) 2014_ 6_22_20_52(2)

Even Abner showed some pride.....
Even Abner showed some pride…..

2014_ 6_22_20_50The last day of this four-day adventure, Thorsten took Abner and me to Switzerland where he not only showed us where he was going to work (yes he was offered and accepted the job he wanted! YAY!!) as well as showed us these beautiful falls:

The Rheinfall

2014_ 6_22_20_57 2014_ 6_22_20_55 2014_ 6_22_20_53 2014_ 6_22_21_ 3(2)

2014_ 6_23_ 1_ 1(1) 2014_ 6_23_ 1_ 1Then we ended the day at a dog friendly beach just outside of Ueberlingen….oh and you can see the Alps:

2014_ 6_22_21_ 2(1)

Phew! It’s exhausting writing this down! What a four day adventure! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and added these places to your list of things to see!!!

Until Wednesday!












3 thoughts on “Three Countries in Four Days!!!

  1. Oh my god, it’s all so insanely, fantastically picturesque! Gorgeous! Well done on the hike. What a totally bad ass way to do the magic flute set! Holy smokes the food looks great. Abner looks so happy, love him in on the kiss picture! 😀 We both ended up with such awesome dogs, they are so good at trooping along with what ever we decide to do. heh It sounds like Thorsten planned a lot of this, major brownie points and love for that man of yours. 🙂 And much congrats on him getting the new job he wanted! Way to go! (Is there a German equivalent for that statement? Surely there’s at least a pretty good translation) 🙂

  2. La pasaste lindo ahijada! Feliz cumpleanios super retrasado pero con todo el carinio Hoosier de parte de Chrissie, JR y tu madrina! Un besote! Meche

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