I Think I Spider and Other Funny Sayings

So a popular thing to do in Germany is to take common German phrases and transliterate them into English.  Thorsten uses them all the the time and they make no sense.  It’s quite silly really.  We plan on framing a few of the best and placing them in our apartment.  What phrases am I referring to? Well….
The one T uses the most is ‘I think I spider’ – Ich glaube ich Spinne.  It is used when you find something unbelievable.

Others include:

now we have the salad – Jetzt haben wir den Salat – When life is not going the way you want it

I understand just train-station – Ich versteh nur Bahnhof – When you are trying to say that you know very little

life is no sugarlicking – Leben ist kein Zuckerschlecken – Essentially saying that life isn’t always fun.

There are a plethora of these hilarious transliterations but here is even a site full of them!


So I will end this with one more that my co workers and I will say to each other at the end of the day: Schoenen Feierabend….

Happy Party Evening!!!!!

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