So How’s the Job?

Honestly, my work is great.  I work with a wonderful group of women.  They work very hard and always do their best.  From the minute I walked into the lab my first day, I was greeted warmly.   They all get along very well and try to do things together.  As you may have seen from my Germany vs US post, I will go out and have dinner with them.  

In my first job, the other Microbiologists became very ‘clique-y.’  This was mostly due to the fact that they were all in relationships so they all went out together.  I was never invited.  It never really bothered me mostly because I learned at a very young age to not waste energy and effort on people who treated me as such.  I had my friends and they were enough.  They were also outside of work which I liked because I needed a reprieve from that type of work environment.

In Chicago, I also got along great with the other two Microbiologists.  I try hard to keep in contact with them from over here.  One is already planning on coming to visit within the next few months which I am craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy excited about 🙂

I am glad that each new place I go to I have had positive experiences.  Being with a great group of ladies who work as hard as they do only motivates me to also work hard to show that I will not disappoint them (especially my boss who worked hard to get me a position in Germany to begin with).

At the moment, there is not very much I can do.  I have to wait for a certain training to happen before I can start my four week training.  However, in the meantime, I have used my skills of always finding things that I can do 🙂

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