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I am sure most of you are well aware of my love-affair with writing.  Those of you who have known me since I was a wee little one know that I had loved writing long before I even knew how to spell.  When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher had sixth graders come in and help us write stories.  

At that time I knew that I could not write anything small.  

Maintaining a travel blog has been my biggest ongoing project that I have succesfully maintained. The second being my current novel.

Unfortunately it has been on hiatus with the lack of a proper work area.  My current room here in Germany is set up like studio apartment….so there is no desk and working from my bed is horrible on my back.  But I do try.

So what novel is this?  Well, it’s called Book of Tas’und’eash.  It is set partly in Chicago and parly in a little town in Peru, but almost a hundred years after a nuclear war.  The complete work is done, but I am going through it again for my writing group back in Chicago and getting it ready for other Beta readers.

It is chronologically book 1 of 6.  How more much do I have written? Well, Book 4 is also done (It was my first novel ever and I think it will be the springboard for this entire series).  Book 1 is also completed.  Book 2 is in the works; Book 3 has mostly been outlined; Book 5 is completely outlined and Book 6 has the beginning and end decided but not all the details in between.

It’s a lot.  This is something I have been working on for years.  Obviously it is a lot of work and ideas come to me at all times (mostly when it’s inconvenient); however, I do keep working on it and I do hope that I finish.  It is very hard when you have so much you want to do but you are limited because of your actual job taking up at least a 1/3 of your day :-/

But if you are remotely interested in the goings on of my novel writing process, then check out my other blog (that’s right, I have another one).  It’s http://www.tasundeash.com

It’s not one I maintain as regularly as this one but it’s there for when such a time comes to try to get published or just self-publish.

I am glad that Thorsten has his own desk space and sometimes enjoys working from home.  This is a great opportunity for me: while he works then instead of going and watching more tv, I also sit in my soon-to-exist work area and also get some writing done.

I also get some stuff done while Thorsten watches tv (I usually let him pick what we watch), but this is mostly blog posts or catching up on notes.  Any big writing editing project must be done at a desk or I can’t focus.  So I have to find ways to make it work.

What do you suggest, fellows writers?


5 thoughts on “Other Writing Projects

  1. That’s great to hear Marisa. I’m glad your still keeping up on your books. I’ve just signed up for your other blog and can’t wait to see some if the story. I like the shields and the site looks great. When you get the books published let me know, I love sci-fi books. Have a great day.

    1. I will be able to change things up once T and I have a place. At the moment, my apartment doesn’t have the space for either. The apartment is just four rooms and a kitchen. There is no living area :-/

  2. I always find hearing this stuff so entertaining. I can’t write at a desk at all. I need to be super comfortable, like nested into the corner of a couch, and I have to be super happy, like no job stress, no money stress, etc. That’s why writing has been so hard for me for so long…. 😛

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