Lazy Weekends

So as you may have noticed that not every weekend is a crazy adventure.  We travelers need sometime to chill as well as recharge our batteries.  So what do we do?

Well, Thorsten and I like to cook.  It’s usually hard to cook just for one person but when you have a partner in crime, then it’s actually quite fun.  Last weekend, we made Steak Sandwiches and Thai Chicken Curry.  T also did some grilling despite the crazy downpour.  The food was delightful 🙂

We also go to see movies (last weekend we saw A Million Ways to Die in the West… German).  I also got to watch Turkisch für Anfänger (which is a German comedy).  It’s great practice in German listening, even if I couldn’t understand everything.

Also based on my last post, you saw that I do a lot of writing (and reading when I can).  This comes in handy while Thorsten goes to coach soccer for the youngin’s.  I usually stay home to read, write, and catch up on tv shows that Thorsten won’t watch with me:

Like the new Sailor Moon Crystal. w00t!

I know this is not the most exciting post…..but life is a mix of exciting adventure and more chill Sailor Moon watching.

Until Wedndesday!

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