Where We Are on Apartment Hunting

Well, T and I have been so lucky.  Between the jobs and the car and my current apartment in Weingarten….everything has happened serendipitously……until now.

So a few weeks ago, you may recall that T and I went to look at an apartment in Überlingen.  We fell in love with it.  The realtor really liked us.  We were the only ones really interested in the apartment (there was someone else but they couldn’t move until October and the owner really wanted people to move in ASAP).  So we were golden! We put in our application and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After the first week, we got a hold of the realtor who said she was having trouble getting a hold of the owner to get the ok (this person is some producer who lives in Shanghai…..China).

After the second week, even the realtor wouldn’t return our phone calls.

To say that we were frustrated is an understatement.  I wanted to be in the new apartment by August 1st….since the contract of my current apartment would be finished by then.  It was really frustrating to know that my own personal housing situation hung in the balance all because someone half a world away could not be bothered to give a simple yes or no.  Especially because they were apparently “desperate” for tenants.

We did finally get a response.  But this only came because Thorsten had to e-mail the boss of the realtor.  After weeks of waiting the answer was a no….because of the dog.

So apparently with all the conversations we had about the dog (and the fact that we stated in our very first e-mail requesting a visit that we had a pug) turns out that it takes these ass hats almost a month to say no to something that should have been stated on their site to begin with.

But we managed.  I talked to my landlady and she was happy to let me extend my lease for another month and today we managed to get an appointment with our second choice.  We will get an apartment, that I promise you.

Where else are you going to stay when you come visit me?

More info to come!

Until Monday!

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