What Do I Miss From Back Home?

I have been asked quite a few times if I miss home.  Of course I miss family and friends, but what do I miss from home?  Well, that’s actually a difficult question to answer because I am able to get a lot of the same things here that I can back home.  I am still in the process of finding everything but it is such a relief when i do.

Let’s look at some of the brands I have found so far:

DM MuellerDM/Müller:  This helps with my Walgreens/CVS fix.  I actually prefer Müller but I have a DM right around the corner from my apartment.  So depending on where I am in the city will decide which one I shop at.

FressnapfFressnapf:  I was really excited about this one.  It’s the equivalent of Petco or Petsmart which is great for my little Abner.  Not all the brands are the same but I can still buy in bulk 🙂

The phrase translates to "We love groceries."
The phrase translates to “We love groceries.”

Edeka: This place is the closest thing to an American grocery store that I have seen.  The others that are also common are Lidl and Aldi (I know you Americans are familiar with Aldi and Lidl is quite similar).  While Lidl is great for the basics while Edeka has a few specialty items (like my “Indian” flavored cheese that I swear is made with cocaine because it is so addictive and my liquored filled chocolates).  This will be convenient when T and I live in Überlingen because there is a Lidl acrossed the street from work and an Edeka on my route to Ü.

MezzoMixMezzo Mix: This is a brand of drink called Spätze.  Imagine mixing Coke with Orange Fanta…..because that is literally what Spätze is.  I actually find myself drinking this more than Coke.  It’s very thirst quenching on a hot summer day (especially when you don’t have air condition)

KK Peanut ButterKitKat Peanut Butter: I love Peanut Butter….I get this from my dad.  Thank god Germany actually has peanut butter so I can easily get my fix.  But there are no Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups….but I found an amazing alternative: imagine a large kitkat bar (as opposed to the smaller four) and inside has peanut butter.  It’s glorious.

SchaalSchaal:  I have not quite found an alternative to Micheal’s Arts and Crafts….but at least my stationary obsession is taken care of.

RavensbuchRavensbuch: This is a great book store that actually has a few locations (like in Friedrichshafen).  This place has a great selection of books and even has an English section! Also, whatever I can’t find, they can order it for me 🙂  So my library will keep growing!

This list is ever expanding and soon I will be able to get a lot of the same things from back home!! w00t!

Until Monday!

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