How to Get a Weasel Out of Your Car

So apparently there is a weasel problem here in Germany, especially out in the country.  For some reason they like to crawl into the engines of cars and chew the fuck out of the wires.


For some reason when they smell something odd then they go crazy and have to go and attack it.

What does that have to do with my Siegfried?

Well, because I park my little Golf outside in Weingarten, it smells different than Hilgartshausen.  This could be caused from several different factors.  Either a weasel from Weingarten got into Siegfried or a different weasel in Hilgy got in.  So when it is parked outside at Thorsten’s then the weasels smell the difference and go crazy.

Stupid weasel.

It was first brought to our attention by Thorsten’s mom.  She saw a little tuft of fabric on the ground near my car and brought it to T and my attention.

2014_ 8_ 3_21_41(1)I couldn’t even imagine where the fabric came from within my car.  Thorsten asked me if my car was working fine.  Of course it was but we popped the hood open to check:

2014_ 8_ 3_21_41Thank god the actual engine and wires of my car are fine but as you can see, they ate the cloth lining of the hood.  What the hell?

We are within a five minute walking distance of a Mazda dealership and one of mechanics happened to be walking by and came to take a look.  Everything was fine and unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it.

Thorsten had asked if putting a panty hose filled with dog fur (courtesty of Abner) inside engine space may deter them from getting into my car……apparently no.

What about you readers out there? Any of you suffering from this “Weasel-Eating-My-Car” Syndrome? If so, what do you do about it?

Until Wednesday!

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