German Words that Make Me Laugh

My brain goes to weird places a lot. When it comes to languages, I use little random tricks to help me remember words in different languages. The other day I couldn’t remember the word for Season (as in television season). One of my co-workers wrote it down for me, despite my million attempts at remembering this word.


It reminded me of the Isle of Staffa in Scotland. I will never forget it.


I find words and their translations to be super cool. Sometimes they remind me of inappropriate things while others are just silly. I decided to give you a brief lists of German words I have come a crossed that have made me laugh for one reason or another.

The first is one of the German words for a female turkey.


Why does this word make me laugh? Because it reminds me of the Spanish word “Puta” which means whore. So every time I see this word on Abner’s food or on a restaurant menu it always makes me giggle.

Because I am ridiculous.


Another word is pillow


This brings a whole new meaning to that stereotype of prepubescent girls practicing kissing on their pillows.

See? Now you won’t forget this word!


Angst is both in English and German. While the English word is more equivalent now to emo (even though it means a sense of dread or anxiety), the German word means fear.


I like to wear perfume and Thorsten tells me that I smell good. But he tells me in German (of course).

Du riechst gut

Riech sounds like the English version of Reek (Reek, Reek, it rhymes with meek!). Now you know why it’s so funny since reek means the totally opposite of smelling good 😛


Last, but certainly not least, is the German word for Pug:


The plural of pugs (which in English, they are actually called a Grumble) in German is Möpse

Möpse is also slang for boobs.



Have a wonderful Friday!

Until Monday!

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