The Magic Flute Part 2 and Konstanz

So before I begin, I wanted to do more justice to The Magic Flute.  I was talking to my friend Amanda a few days ago and was looking at photos to show to her and found some lovely gems.  It was then that I realized that I should show them to the rest of you!

So here are they are!

Magic Flute5 Magic Flute 4 Magic Flute3 Magic Flute2 Magic FluteOh! and here’s a cool video!

Anyway, on Sunday Thorsten and I went to Konstanz which sits between the border of Lake Constance (where I am pretty sure the Lake got its name) and the Swiss border (but still technically in Germany).  We took the ferry from Meersburg (Abner joined us)

2014_ 8_19_21_39 2014_ 8_19_21_40Constance (or Konstanz as it’s spelled in German) is quite the quaint little town.

2014_ 8_19_21_41 2014_ 8_19_21_41(1) 2014_ 8_19_21_42 2014_ 8_19_21_42(1) 2014_ 8_19_21_43

2014_ 8_19_21_45 2014_ 8_19_21_43(1)

Abner had fun as we literally walked to Switzerland 🙂

2014_ 8_19_21_43(2)Just on the other side, we found this cool lounge that we swore you could score some weed (which is totally legal in Switzerland).

2014_ 8_19_21_44(1)

awwwww token cute couple shot
awwwww token cute couple shot
And Abner was pooped....
And Abner was pooped….

It was a great day and we want to make bike trips out here whenever we can….so more pictures to come!!!

Until Friday!

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