German Mix Tape #1

Well, I thought that I would make a playlist for all you guys.  So you can get an idea of what I listen to while I drive around by myself in Siegfried or in the Beemie with Thorsten.

Thorsten explained to me that German radio currently consists of about 70% English songs, 20-25% German, and the remainder is whatever language that comes through.  There is no real statistical data to back this up.  This is just from his experience (as well as a rough estimate) based on listening to German radio a hell of a lot more than me.

Obviously for this first Mix Tape, I wanted to have as many German songs as possible.  Some have special meaning to myself or Thorsten while others are just popular.

So to help, I have included the music videos of the songs and have them as a playlist on my YouTube station here:

1. I had to start with this number because it is my normal jam in the morning on my way to work (and my commute is about as long at the moment).

Papaoutai by Stromae


2. The next one is VERY popular here in Germany at the moment.

Atemlos Durch die Nacht – Helene Fischer


3. This song is a little more obscure but I adore it

I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li


4. Au Revoir – Mark Foster fear Sido


5. Traum – Cro


6.  This song is kind of a big deal because it played all.  the.  time.  during the World Cup this summer.  So whenever they play it, Thorsten (as well as Germans everywhere) feels a sense of happiness because it reminds him of Germany winning this year.

Auf uns – Andreas Bourani


7. When the Beat Drops Out – Marlon Roudette


8. So I have always had a soft spot for 80s American pop music… German 80s music is no differet :-).  So here is a double whammy for you.  The first is a delightful video from a rare performance back in 1982 followed by a reunion concert in 2010.  (Between you and me, the 80s video is terribly awesome but the 2010 music is better)

Hallo Klaus (Zuruek zu dir) – Nickerbocker and Biene


9. Zuhause – Adel Tawil


10.  Stay with Me – Sam Smith


11. Little known fact – Germans love them some Reggae.

Cherry Oh – Seeed


Bonus Tracks!

I had to add two songs that Thorsten and I also enjoy.

12. Einmal um die Welt – Cro


13. I Follow Rivers – Triggerfinger


Well, that’s all for now!

Until Monday!

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