Midweek Musings….

We are about halfway through our move/furnishing the new place and I will say that it is both rewarding and exhausting. So far we have cleared out the old furniture, cleaned, moved in our new couch and pieces of tv stand (which in Germany is a huge set complete with stand and storage cabinets), drove back to Thorsten’s parents for the bed and dining table, then brought it back…

Then assembled bed, table, couch and beginnings of tv stand.


Most of our furniture consists of pieces from either Ikea or XXXLutz….this means assembly required. Which sounds like a pain if you have not worked with these pieces before but trust me, moving smaller pieces is easier.

Our apartment is on the third floor and while we have an elevator that claims to fit four people….it’s a lie. Well, you can fit four as long as your are packed in tight like sardines. Therefore using it for furniture is out of the question.

Still no photos yet. Sorry. I can load them but the connections so slow that it takes a long time. At the moment, we still have so much to do that we don’t have that kind of time.

Why is our internet so slow?

Well, things don’t happen as quickly here in Germany as in the US. When I had AT&T and told them I was moving, they had my new connection waiting for me by the time I got to my new place. Here, you have to wait for someone to come and connect you. This can take up to two weeks!

The company that Thorsten prefers sends you your new router as well as a free internet stick to give you some connection while you wait for The Guy to come and connect you. So we have something that fulfills our basic internet needs of blog posting, finding the closest ikea, and looking up photos of delightfully fat pugs. You know, the important stuff 🙂

Anyway, gotta go for now. We have the electrician here at the moment making sure everything works the way they’re supposed to then it’s off to buy a
TV and then….IKEA!!!!

Until Friday!!

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